hashing24 cashback

Hashing24 cashback instruction

1. Register in Hashing24, using this link, if you do not have an account yet. If you're registered already - cashback system will not work. You MUST be registered through our link in order for us to be able to make payments for you. 

2. Close all Hashing24 tabs to register correctly

3. BE SURE, that you clear the Cookies in your browser settings.

3. Open Hashing24, using our affiliate link.

4. Make a purchase of hashpower. Discount code for an additional discount can be found on our website's main page. Yes, you can use both cashback and discount at the same time.

Please note that if you make REINVEST or TRANSFER BALANCE, no one will refund, but you can use the usual promotional codes for discount.

5. Wait for the order to be processed

6. Go to the Balance-Statement section and find your order there

hashing24 refund

8. Fill out the form on the Hashing24 main page: e-mail, paste USD/BTC amount, date, time and your BTC-address, where we will send the cashback. Make sure that your payment has already been processed at the time the form was submitted.

hashing24 discount

9. We will send you a confirmation of your payment within 24 hours.

10. Refund will be credited to your BTC-address in a week on Wednesday-Friday. Why?

11. When sending money to your address you will receive a second notification with the transaction ID that you can track at blockchain.org

12. You can see the history of cashback payments by our site on this page

IMPORTANT: If you are not sure if you did everything correctly, make a purchase for the minimum amount and wait for us to be notified within 24 hours that we are seeing a transaction. In the "BTC-address" field write the word TEST.


Q: Why do we refund money?


А: We are advertising partners of Hashing24, we attract customers. And our payment for attracting users or their repeated purchases is more than the payments we pay you.

Q: Why should i believe you?


A: You do not risk anything - you also go to the Hashing24 website, and buy the power by paying Hashing24. But at the same time Hashing24 notices that you have come from us and will pay us a commission. That's why you clean the Cookies - to ensure that our record will be recorded as last one. If you did everything correctly - we will receive a bonus from you and a part will be returned.

Q: Can it be that you receive money, but I will not receive my refund?

А: This can be if you entered the wrong BTC address. Theoretically, your payment can go to another person. If you have filled everything correctly in the form, then you will receive your payment. We work for our image and hope that if you are satisfied with the service, then you will come again.

Q: Can I get a refund if I am already registered on Hashing24 service?

A: No, cashback will work for each purchase only if the registration was made exactly through our link. Register new account for it.

Q: When will i receive my cash back?


A: It will be the following Wednesday-Friday, after the payment, because on Wednesday we get a transfer from Hashing24. Cashbacks are sent manually, following the data that you filled in the form: we look at your USD amont and time or purchase, see it in the lists, calculate the amount of bitcoins (the Bitstamp price), and send it to your BTC-address. Our manager will contact you within 24 hours after payment and confirm that he sees your purchase in the system and will tell you exactly what day to expect a refund.

Q: I do not have an address for bitcoin, what should I do?

A: Register on any online or offline wallet and get an address. We prefer to use Electrum and make all translations using it. You can also register online at blockchain.info

Q: Why did not I get paid?


A: We send payments in 100% of cases, if you did everything right. Follow the instructions and everything will turn out. The main thing is that Hashing24 sends us a bonus from your purchase.

Why did not the payment come?
1. Most likely you made a purchase from an account that was not registered using our referral link

3. You clicked on our link, but got distracted, opened more sites, our cookies were replaced by another site and they received payment.
4. Perhaps you incorrectly indicated the data and we did not find your payment. Check the purchase info.
5. Cashback for reinvest does not return.

8. Your purchase was less than the equivalent of $10. To pay such a cashback at $1-5 is inadvisable because of the commissions of the system. In doing so, we will record your transaction in the "piggy bank" and when the amount of purchases will be more than $10, then we will send everything together.
9. If you suspect that there are malware-applications in the browser, there is an excess of advertising, then there is a chance that they will overwrite or delete our cookies. If your browser is clean from such viruses - everything will be fine.

If you did everything right, but the payment did not come, then write to us on the mail, we will check the data together! mycloudcashback@gmail.com