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1. Choose Product

Choose which cloud mining product you want to buy

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Choose amount

Choose amount, you want to order. Don't forget to use a ScryptCube promo code for discount

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Confirm your order

Check your order and if everything is right - confirm it.

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Payment method

Choose how you to pay for it. There are a lot of methods, but "Credit Card" is most popular one. Lets procceed with it.

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Card information

Enter your card data: 


Valid untill

CVV code 

and Cardholder name

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Confirm operation

Confirm the transaction and be ready to charge. As soon as the payment is completed, you will receive an SMS, push notification, receipt or other notification of the payment made. 

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Find security code

Check push-notification, operation list in your bank account, or even description in bank receipt.

You will find 4-digit security code right after SCRYPTCUBE word.

scryptcube security code
Enter security code

Enter that ScryptCube security code

scrypt cube security code

Your order is competed!

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