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15 November, 2021 BitDeer Revenue & Contracts Profitability Analysis

BitDeer creates a personal account in f2Pool, AntPool, ViaBTC, BTC.com and BTC.top for each of your contracts. Pool's calculator revenues are equivalent to revenues in the BitDeer Interface.

15 November, 2021 BTC Revenue:

  • 0.00000559 (0% Pool Fee, Antpool Data)

  • PPS mining earning: 0.00000555

  • Transaction reward: 0.00000004

  • 0.00000537 (f2Pool, 4% fee)

  • 0.00000537 (Antpool, 4% fee)

  • 0.00000541 (ViaBTC, 4% fee)

  • 0.00000538 (BTC.com, 4% fee)

  • 0.00000538 (BTC.top, 4% fee)

Best settings for BTC Accelerator Contracts:

ViaBTC + Personal Wallet

Best settings for BTC Classic Contracts:

ViaBTC + Personal Wallet

BTC Network Hashrate

Current BTC Hashrate
Current BTC Hashrate

Bitcoin Difficulty Estimation

Values and changes since last analysis:

15 November: trend of +2.00%, 165 / 161 expected, 4 blocks ahead

Bitcoin Difficulty Estimator
Bitcoin Difficulty Estimator
We are now at the beginning of the Network Difficulty time slice. Although at the moment the expected change is near zero, there is still the danger of a sharp increase in the hash rate and an increase in the new Difficulty.

Fast BTC Profitability Analysis: New Mining Plans

BitDeer Contracts Profitability
BitDeer Contracts Profitability

Exclusive 60-days CloudMiningInfo x Bitdeer Mining Plans

Exclusive 60-days Mining Plans
Exclusive 60-days Mining Plans

50 TH/s package: https://www.bitdeer.com/product/211103125

200 TH/s package: https://www.bitdeer.com/product/211112181

500 TH/s package: https://www.bitdeer.com/product/211112182

Pessimistic Scenario for 180+ days mining Plans

In June 2021, I replaced the forecast for the periodic growth of the Bitcoin Network Difficulty in the Pessimistic scenario (3% replaced by 6%), Realistic scenario (2% replaced by 4%) and Optimistic scenario (1% replaced by 2%). All these replacements were due to the fact that by the end of 2021 we will be dealing with the restoration of the network hash rate after the events of May 2021, when Chinese miners had to leave China and look for new locations for their mining farms. These rates will be faster than the organic growth that I analyzed prior to the events of May 2021. Therefore, it makes no sense to consider 180+ daily contacts with a 6% increase in network difficulty over a long period of time.

Fast Conclusion

After the last tweak of Network Difficulty and a decrease in the BTC rate from 68500 to 65800, 360-day Classic mining contracts have a good profitability only in case of zero growth of Network Difficulty in the next year. As for the Accelerated contracts - they will have a small return even with a 3% average increase in Network Difficulty.

The 60-day mining plan received increased packages of 200 and 500 TH/s for more convenient orders.

In addition, their profitability is now also negative, and I have already sent a request to Bitdeer to reduce their price.

My goal is to achieve a yield of 4-7% for 60 days.

I believe that the price will not be changed today. And we have 2 ways out of situation:

  • Bitdeer will reduce the price of contracts within a week

  • BTC price will rise to 70,000

Some of this will definitely happen, you just need to wait.

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