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18.03.2021 BitFuFu Revenue + Contracts Profitability Analysis

BitFuFu creates a personal account in f2Pool for each of your contracts. Calculations of the f2pool calculator are equivalent to revenues in the BitFuFu interface.

bitfufu daily revenue
18.03.2021 Revenue

18.03.2021 Revenue, 2.5% Fee Rate is taken by f2Pool

Fast Profitability Analysis

bitfufu profit
BitFuFu Daily Profitability Analysis

Fast Conclution:

Since the prices for BitFuFu contracts were set for the rate of 60,000+ BTC/USD, and now the current rate is 59,000 BTC/USD, contract prices are now at an optimal level. The growth rate of the network difficulty changes in the Optimistic-Realistic scenario, the next difficulty change will be tomorrow at the end of the day and will be about 2%, which will correspond to the Realistic scenario.

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