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25.03.2021 BitFuFu Revenue + Contracts Profitability Analysis

BitFuFu creates a personal account in f2Pool, AntPool or Poolin for each of your contracts. Pool's calculator revenues are equivalent to revenues in the BitFuFu interface.

25.03.2021 Revenue:

0.00000609 (f2Pool, 2.5% fee)
0.00000600 (Antpool, 4% fee)
0.00000613 (Poolin, 2.5% fee)

Fast Profitability Analysis

bitfufu profit
BitFuFu Daily Profitability Analysis

Fast Conclution:

Yesterday was a very good time to reinvest BTC - the price reached 57,000. Buy signals were given in the Telegram channel "BitFuFu Daily Analysis and Buy Signals". Today, when the price fell to the 53,000 area, purchases at BTC will not be as profitable as purchases at USDT.

The next increase in the difficulty of the Bitcoin network is expected in a week, April 1-2.

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