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28 July, 2021 BitDeer Revenue

BitDeer creates a personal account in f2Pool, AntPool, ViaBTC, BTC.com and BTC.top for each of your contracts. Pool's calculator revenues are equivalent to revenues in the BitDeer Interface.

28 July, 2021 BTC Revenue:

0.00000932 (0% Pool Fee)
PPS mining earning: 0.00000920
Transaction reward: 0.00000012
0.00000896 (f2Pool, 4% fee)
0.00000895 (Antpool, 4% fee)
0.00000894 (ViaBTC, 4% fee)
0.00000895 (BTC.com, 4% fee)
0.00000894 (BTC.top, 4% fee)

Best settings for BTC Accelerator Contracts:

ViaBTC + Personal Wallet

Best settings for BTC Classic Contracts:

Sold Out

It is very important to know that, July 18th, the difficulty of the Bitcoin network has changed. Today's accruals in BitDeer were made based on the new Network Difficulty.

The network's average hash rate is above 100 EH/s. The network difficulty was adjusted to an average hash rate of 97.87 EH/s. Thus, we will see the first difficulty increase, since the China Miner have to move their farms overseas.

Current BTC Hashrate
Current BTC Hashrate

I am closely following the news about the relocation of large miners in China in order to understand at what pace the mining hashpower will be restored.

28 July, 2021 Bitcoin Difficulty Estimation:

Since the hash rate in equal shares of time stays either higher or lower than the mark of 97.87 EH/s, at the moment the Network Difficulty shows a +4.01% trend.

Bitcoin Difficulty Estimator
Bitcoin Difficulty Estimator

Fast BTC Profitability Analysis (Accelerator Contracts)

BitDeer 150-days Accelerator Mode
BitDeer 150-days Accelerator Mode
BitDeer 720-days Accelerator Mode
BitDeer 720-days Accelerator Mode

Fast Conclusion

Prices have been raised for all contracts, and Classic Contracts were sold out, but with bitcoin stabilized at 40,600, currently, the contracts are profitable both for buying with dollars and for reinvesting already accumulated BTC.

I would recommend buying exactly 150-day contracts, since even with a 5% constant change in the difficulty of the network for 150 days, they will still show a profit.

720-day contracts at an annual profit do not seem to me to be as good a buy as 150-day contracts.

28 July, 2021 ETH Revenue:

0.00028086 (Antpool,1.5% fee, per 10 MH/s)
PPS mining earning: 0.00023375
Transaction reward: 0.00004711
Network Difficulty: 7281735492556398

Best ETH Settings:

Not listed now

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