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8 September, 2021 BitDeer Revenue & Contracts Profitability Analysis

BitDeer creates a personal account in f2Pool, AntPool, ViaBTC, BTC.com and BTC.top for each of your contracts. Pool's calculator revenues are equivalent to revenues in the BitDeer Interface.

8 September, 2021 BTC Revenue: (after retarget)

0.00000694 (0% Pool Fee)
PPS mining earning:0.00000683 
Transaction reward:0.00000011
0.00000666 (f2Pool, 4% fee)
0.00000669 (Antpool, 4% fee)
0.00000666 (ViaBTC, 4% fee)
0.00000699 (BTC.com, 4% fee)
0.00000697 (BTC.top, 4% fee)

Best settings for BTC Accelerator Contracts:

ViaBTC + Personal Wallet

Best settings for BTC Classic Contracts:

ViaBTC + Personal Wallet

BTC Network Hashrate

Current BTC Hashrate
Current BTC Hashrate

Bitcoin Difficulty Estimation

The new 14-day period of Network Difficulty has just begun and now we are only 1 block ahead of schedule. The coming days will show us the benchmark for the next change.

So far, it's too early to talk about any trend, but I would assume a 4-7% change in network difficulty - in the period from 5 to 7 September, the hash rate fluctuated in the average of 140 EH/s.

This mark seems to me quite achievable in the next 14 days.
Bitcoin Difficulty Estimator
Bitcoin Difficulty Estimator

Fast BTC Profitability Analysis (All in one)

BitDeer Contracts Profitability
BitDeer Contracts Profitability

Fast Conclusion

I think that so far there is a lull at BitDeer. The company successfully sells batches of miners on Cloud Hosting.

I am looking forward to additional promotions from BitDeer. If you choose now, then the contract for AM T17 + miners for 200 days will now be the most profitable to buy.

8 September, 2021 ETH Revenue:

0.00024918 (Antpool,1.5% fee, per 10MH/s)
PPS mining earning: 0.00019088 
Transaction reward: 0.00005831 
Network Difficulty:8917092306708254

Best ETH Settings:

Not listed now

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