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About ScryptCube Voucher Codes

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

At the moment, there are tons of advertisements on the net about voucher codes for the ScryptCub site.

But of course none of them work.

Now, according to ScryptCube employees:

...this service is only at the testing stage and there is still no information about how and when it will work, what privileges to give and how such voucher codes will be distributed...

At the moment, in order to save money on the purchase of hashpower in the ScryptCube cloud mining service, you can:

- Use discount coupons when buying capacity (currently only 1%, ex. our own "CLOUDINFO")
- In addition, use the CloudMiningInfo cashback service to receive an additional 5% of the purchase amount to your BTC-Address.

As soon as information about the Voucher Codes appears in our editorial office, we will definitely release news about it. Be in touch!

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