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Acton Mining Review: Scam

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

In this article, we will evaluate the Aсton Mining company, which, upon registration, offers 2 TH/s, which will mine BTC for free for a year.


acton-mining trustpilot review

They have zero reviews on trustpilot, which means that the site is new and there are not many active users on it yet


what is acton mining

Registered 2 weeks ago.


action mining main page

On their starting landing page we see a picture of the trustpilot resource, but as we just saw, there are no reviews. This is strange.

About us section

They write about themselves:

We were operating a second-hand store. After a while, our attention was drawn to second-hand miner devices so we bought a large number of second-hand miner devices.
After making an agreement with a former power plant owner friend of ours, we deployed the equipment at the power plant and the mining farm started operating. We are still buying second-hand miners to expand our farm.

The problem is that new generation miners, which do not consume so much electricity, have appeared quite recently and they could hardly buy them as second-hand ones. If what they write about is true, they bought miners in 2019-2020 during a period of decline in interest in bitcoin, where electricity consumption was equivalent to a maintenance fee of $ 0.14-0.33 for 1 TH/s. That is too much to be profitable.

Second-hand miners = junk.

Dashboard and Prices

acton cloud mining free hashrate

No no, don't worry about me. I didn't buy 2 TH/s from them. I got them for free upon registration. Just. There was no need to provide any information, you can register an infinite number of accounts and receive 2 TH/s on them. And this is not for 3-5 days, not for a month, but for a year.

So, how can a company evaluate its financial performance, maintain accounting, when hundreds or even thousands of accounts will have open 2 TH/s contracts for 1 year?

I'm already sure that such a company cannot be real, but still, let's evaluate the mining plans that we are offered to buy. For the assessment, we will use our calculator, which takes into account the periodic increase in the difficulty of the Bitcoin network.

Since there is not a word about maintenance fees, let's take it as 0 and calculate the "profitability". And for convenience of comparison with contracts, for example, Scryptcube, we will bring to the value for 1 TH/s.

cloud mining analysis acton

Due to the fact that they ask for only $ 19.5 for 1 TH/s, the profitability values are very high. Too high to be true. Such a cost for 1 TXc it would be unprofitable for them to sell contacts.

Remember that real companies that rent out their equipment set themselves the task of getting users' money in order to protect themselves from the risks of an excessive increase in network difficulty or to receive income for the future mining period in advance.


Cloud mining is not an area for charity. If all users are promised 2 TXs for a period of one year - such a company will not be able to work, it will be unrealistic to predict the amount of requested payments. In addition, if you give everyone free power, what will be left for sale? And if they sell, why is it so cheap?

As a result, the moment users start requesting withdrawals from the balance of their free plans, the company will not have the money to pay out, unless there is an even greater increase in purchases.

Doesn't it look like anything?

Ponzi scheme.

I hope you are reading this review before investing in a project like this. Please consider investing in legal, stable and world-famous projects like cloud mining service Bitdeer, which has a close relationship with BitMain, mining pools and cooperates with major hashrate providers around the world.

In addition, registering for Bitdeer in December 2021 Promotion Programm you get:

  • Exclusive Cloud Mining plan for 60days of 50 TH/s, 200 TH/s or 500 TH/s cloud mining

  • Unlimited purchases for 1 account

  • The ability to monitor the operation of cloud mining on the 3d-party mining pool website of your choice (ViaBTC, BTC.com, f2pool)

  • Feeling the security of your investment, since Bitdeer is a highly trusted sharing service platform of digital asset mining machines, news publications about which can be found on such websites as: Bloomberg, Yahoo, Cointelegraph, Forbes, Nasdaq, CNN and even Bitcoin.com

Stay away from scam projects, I wish you a profitable investment and the right decisions!

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