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Bemine.club Review: Scam Service

One of the subscribers asked me to write a review of this scam project, where he lost money. Interesting, but this will be the first review on a real user account who bought contracts in this fraudulent service.

But first things first. Let's start.

About domain

Starting with it, I checked the origins of creation. On the page "About the service" we can see that they write that they have been working since 2018. And this is even true, because the domain was registered in December 2018.

Bemine.club About us
Bemine.club About us
Bemine.club Who is
Bemine.club Who is
Such an old site is on my hands as a reviewer - I can check how it looked a few years ago. But more on that later.

Terms of use

The terms of use are located at the link - https://bemine.club/en/terms - and this is a fairly correctly drawn up document that has all the main legal clauses.

Such documents can be found on the websites of companies that have been working for a long time and are not going to disappear from the radar. But it is precisely in such documents that loopholes lie. For any of your requirements or problems - in such a document there is a clause explaining that you are not entitled to get money back.

Login to Reader's account

So, I log into the account given to me by the reader and what I see is:

He bought 4 TH/s cloud mining plan for 12 months and 0.01 part of the T17 + miner, which is 0.64 TH/s.

Reader's Bemine.club Account
Reader's Bemine.club Account

And immediately we look at the income for December 14:

Bemine.club income
Bemine.club income

4 TH/s Cloud Mining Contract:

  • Income: + 0.00001569 BTC (0.00000392 BTC per 1 TH/s)

  • Electricity: - 0.00000608 BTC

  • Total: + 0.00000961 BTC

0.64 TH/s T17+ Miner

  • Income: + 0.00000273 BTC (0.00000426 BTC per 1 TH/s)

  • Electricity: - 0.00000099 BTC

  • Total: + 0.00000174 BTC

The first question that arises for me is why is the income from 1 TH/s different? This should not be the case on the same network running in a mining pool.

The second question is why so few?

Antpool revenue
Antpool revenue 14th of December
I am not against the deduction of electricity fees from the work of miners at the current rate. But why is the initial mining figure so low compared to pool mining?

For comparison, I will give an example of my mining in ViaBTC through the Bitdeer cloud mining service, which you can read about here.

ViaBTC Mining 0.00000503 per 1 TH/s
Bitdeer Mining 0.00000503 per 1 TH/s
It turns out that the Bemine.club simply does not charge the correct BTC values for each TH/s of hashpower?

Bemine.club Mining Profit Calculator

But what do they promise? I clicked on the "Calculator" button and selected the 4 TH/s Beginners contract.

All calculation takes place in dollars, which makes it difficult to calculate.

Bemine Mining Calculator
Bemine Mining Calculator

Let's try now to transfer everything to BTC, using the internal rate of Bemine.club

BTC/USD = 47303 (at the moment of Screenshot)

  • Cost: 0.00902691 BTC

  • Duration: 12 month (365 days)

  • Maintenance: 0.22 USD (0.0550 $/T/D which is normal)

  • They promise Revenue 24h: 2.08 USD = 0.00004397 BTC, 0.00001099 per 1 TH/s)

Tell me, how with a standard pool return of 0.00000503, they promise mining in 24 hours at 0.00001099 BTC?

Promises 24 Hours:

  • Income: + 0.00004397 BTC, (0.00001099 per 1 TH/s)

Reality 24 Hours:

  • Income: + 0.00001569 BTC (0.00000392 per 1 TH/s)

Now everything became clear. They mislead customers with their calculator and then charge 4 times less.

Trustpilot reviews

Although the rating on Trustpilot reaches 4.0, I do not trust him for a long time and always look only at reviews with 1 star - these reviews are real, solid and contain numbers.

A lot of users write about the same - some numbers are promised, but in reality they are different.

Check them out for yourself - https://www.trustpilot.com/review/bemine.club?stars=1


I must say right away that this project is from Russia. Therefore, at the start of the creation of the site, he had only a translation into English and was available at the link bemine.club/en.

But there are no pictures of english page in history, there is only the Russian root domain. So I will translate.

23 February 2019

Here is a link to a snapshot of the site from 2019 - http://web.archive.org/web/20190223022723/http://bemine.club/

It was a landing page that modest guys from Tyumen (Russia) have their own mining hotel and they offer customers to buy shares, paying with different options - from credit cards to cryptocurrencies.

But only now the creators of the service are not so public, it is clear that when you are dealing with dissatisfied customers who are losing money, you need to hide.

But in the 2019 snapshot, there is information about them! I present to your attention the founders of Bemine.club

Bemine.Club Team and Founders

Bemine.club Team and Founders
Bemine.club Team and Founders
I'm not saying that at the moment these people are cheating customers and making money from it. Keep in mind that these people were involved in the project in 2019 and could leave and do other things.

But the founders of this project are:

Georgy Pushkarev



Kirill Artemiev



I must say that they are friends on social networks and are both from Tyumen University.

All 4 people graduated from universities in Tyumen. So it cannot be said that these photos were taken from the Internet and these people are not connected in any way, do not know each other, and so on.


I feel sorry for those people who invest in such projects and lose their money.

The project is based on the fact that before the purchase, the calculator promises you incomes that will be 4 times less than the real charges and you will no longer be able to do anything about it.

And if you do not like it and you decide to contact technical support, they will answer you in a standard form that this is mining, it is unstable.

Unfortunately, such a service has been working for a long time and will continue to work, this is not a three-month service that promises a payback in 1 month, collects money and disappears from the Internet.

These guys will make money on gullible clients for a long time.
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