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Bitdeer's 3d Anniversary Celebration

Welcome bonuses for users, a lucky draw and gift contracts - this is how Bitdeer celebrates its 3d Anniversary. Let's take a look at each of the promotions!

If you do not know anything about the Bitdeer Cloud Mining Service, read this article first:

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Official "3d Anniversary Celebration" landing - https://www.bitdeer.com/en/act/3rdanniversary

3d Anniversary Youtube Video

Nothing unusual, these two and a half minutes praise Bitdeer and talk about development plans accompanied by calm music with a beautiful video.

But if you leave a comment under this video in which you congratulate Bitdeer on its anniversary, you can win a free gift plan for 5 days of mining 20 TH/s!
Free 20 TH/s for 5 days for 20 lucky users
Free 20 TH/s for 5 days for 20 lucky users

Welcome offer for New Users

Welcome bonus - $50 Cloud Hashrate Coupon
Welcome bonus - $50 Cloud Hashrate Coupon
Nothing unusual, just a $ 50 coupon that can be used on purchases from $ 1,000 at Bitdeer, which gives you a 5% discount.

Celebration Mining Plans

65 days, 30 and 50 TH/s of BTC Cloud Mining
65 days, 30 and 50 TH/s of BTC Cloud Mining

Why 65 days? Because with a bonus to 60 days at the same price, you get 5 days of extention automatically.

Mining Plans Extentions
Mining Plans Extentions
Important! The sooner you buy a mining plan, the more extra days you get!

If we click on the "Details" button, we will see a table according to which additional days are calculated.

Free mining days

From this table it follows that we will have only 8 days to purchase these plans, and every 2 days the number of additional days will decrease.

In order to get all 5 extra days, you need to make a purchase on either December 8 or 9.

But for these 5 days, you still need to pay for electricity. Brief characteristics of the Mining Plan:

  • Hashpower: 30 TH/s + 50 TH/s

  • Limit: 1 purchase for each plan per account

  • Duration: 65 days (8th and 9th of December date of purchase)

  • Electricity fee: 0.0810 $/T/Day

  • Start: All plans will only start working on December 16, regardless of the purchase date.

I have already bought both plans and this is what I get:

Delivery Time: 16th of December
Delivery Time: 16th of December
Mining plans are Pending until 16th of December
Mining plans are Pending until 16th of December

Profitability of 3d Anniversary Mining Plans

Unfortunately, the Network Difficulty is now growing very strongly.

The next adjustment will happen on Saturday, December 11th and will amount to at least 7% growth, which will significantly reduce our mining revenues.

I could not have predicted this, because as early as December 1, the Network Difficulty showed a slight decline at the level of -1%.

For me, such a breakthrough in the network hashrate was a surprise, given the fact that many miners are just looking for a place to mine after a series of transfers from China and Kazakhstan.

But we cannot change anything, and I have already adjusted my scenarios for changing the Difficulty of the Network to new realities.

Even with this fact in mind, Celebration plans are profitable and great.
3d Anniversary Celebration Plans Profitability
3d Anniversary Celebration Plans Profitability
Thus, even with the next increase in Network Difficulty by 7.23% and a further 5% growth in the Pessimistic scenario, we get a small profitability in these contracts. This is why I already bought both.

Lucky Draw

But that's not all! In addition to everything written above, Bitdeer launched the Wheel of Fortune for 8 days, in which each user can win prizes!

Bitdeer Lucky Draw
Bitdeer Lucky Draw

On the first day, you can spin the Wheel of Fortune 7 times: 3 daily, 3 for sharing a post, and 1 time for watching a video about Bitdeer.

I was lucky and won a $ 200 discount coupon! There are still 7 days left, which means 21 chances to win additional prizes!


It's great that such promotions are carried out by large cloud mining services, like Bitdeer! They bring variety to the routine mining process and give us positive emotions.

If you are not registered at Bitdeer yet - register using the link and get a $ 50 coupon for your first purchase and participate in the Wheel of Fortune.

I recommend these Gift Plans for purchase, because even in the most unfavorable conditions, they will be profitable.

Although you won't be able to buy a lot of them, the purchase is limited to 1 time per account, but you will be able to get acquainted with the service and understand how it works.

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