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Bitdeer: KYC and "You cannot use services provided by Bitdeer" Error

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Recently, Bitdeer has changed the KYC system and at present any new user, as well as other users registered on Bitdeer without verification, encounters an error when trying to buy a mining plans:

You cannot use services provided by Bitdeer

This error occurs because your account is not verified enough. Let's take a look at the Bitdeer Trading Limits.

You cannot use services provided by Bitdeer
Based on this, we can understand that without KYC we have no opportunity to buy contracts for Bitdeer, but this is not entirely true.

One of my readers showed me that if in the account settings there is a binding of not only an email, but also a phone (both), then he can buy contracts.

By checking his statement, I can really confirm it - accounts with a linked phone and email do have a trading limit. After several attempts at placing orders, I can say that the limit for the purchase of such an account is about $ 5,000 (plus or minus 500)

$ 5000 Bitdeer Trading Limit

This initial level can be obtained if you link both your mobile phone and your email in the account settings.
You cannot use services provided by Bitdeer

Now, you get a $ 5,000 trading limit to try out the Bitdeer service.

But further, for trading, I still recommend going through at least KYC level 1 in order to be able to make purchases with a $ 100,000 limit.

Bitdeer KYС verification

Don't worry, it is not as difficult as verification on Matrixport, which I wrote about earlier.

You just need to visit the Verification page, enter general information about yourself and upload a photo of the document, even your state passport or driver's license will do.

You cannot use services provided by Bitdeer


Bitdeer, as I wrote in my review of the reliability of the service, represents the role of an intermediary between you and the mining farms.

Remember that all mining income goes to the client's personal wallets, and not to the internal balance of the Bitdeer website.

Guided by the current legislation, the Bitdeer service is simply obliged to Know Its Clients.

I believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the initial levels of verification. Of course, I myself went through them a long time ago, but since readers are faced with this problem, I had to understand why they receive such an error when buying contracts.

Hope this article helped you to solve the error. I wish you a profitable investment!

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