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BitDeer Promo: October 2021: Exclusive 30-days Mining Plan and $ 50 Coupon for all users

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

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Attention!!! Due to the sharp increase in the BTC rate, the promotion is currently suspended. Expect news to be published.

I am glad to announce that the relationship between CloudMiningInfo.com and Bitdeer has reached a new level!

Together, we have prepared for you, my readers, a Mining Plan with a short term - only 30 days.

I love plans like this because there is no need to worry about changing the Difficulty of the Network.
BitDeer Coupon
BitDeer emails Cloudmininginfo.com

As of October 5th:

  • Network Difficulty is set to an average network hash rate of 142.34 EH/s

  • Every 1 TH/s of hashrate brings Bitdeer's users about 0.00000640 BTC per day.

  • The next Difficulty change will take place on October 17-18 and currently has a +2.65% trend, which is quite a bit.

Exclusive CloudMiningInfo.com 30-days Mining Plan:


  • Amount: 50 TH/s

  • Period: 30 days

  • Hashrate fee: 0.1877 T/D (the smallest amount both for BitDeer and BitFuFu)

  • Electricity fee: 0.0625 T/D

  • Total Cost: (0.1877 + 0.0625) * 50 TH/s * 30 days = 375.25 USDT included in all electricity bills.

BitDeer coupon code
This Mining Plan is Brilliant


Needless to say, if I personally participated in the development of this plan, then it cannot be unprofitable for you, my Dear Readers?

Of course not! Everyone will get a profit thanks to the short term of the contract and the low price.
30d 50 TH/s Mining Plan Profitability
30d 50 TH/s Mining Plan Profitability, 5h of October
A plan with a profitability of 19 to 20 percent in 30 days? Great offer!
Disclaimer: Profitability is for October 5th! For the latest information, you should subscribe to the telegram channel "BitDeer Daily Analysis and Buy Signals" and go to the latest review of the profitability of BitDeer contracts, which are published almost daily.

Probably, I have not seen such a yield since May 2021, when we bought contracts, and then the Network Difficulty collapsed and we got super profit.

In addition to this already profitable Mining Plan, within 7 days after purchase, Bitdeer will credit your account with a $ 50 discount coupon.

Again, the coupon will be credited automatically, but within 7 days after the purchase. You do not need to request it in chats or write to the Technical Support mail.

How to Start Bitdeer Mining?

Register your Bitdeer account using this link. This is important for NEW accounts looking to get a $ 50 discount coupon. For accounts that were registered before this offer, this is not important.

Click the Exclusive Mining Plan link - https://www.bitdeer.com/product/210924963 and "BUY NOW" button.

BitDeer free mining
Step #1: Buy Now button

Select the Pool in which we will mine

Now we need to choose from three pools where BTC will be mined in our Mining Plan.

We have a choice: f2pool, BTC.com, ViaBTC.

Bitdeer has rules regarding payments. In short, you receive the Cryptocurrency ONLY to your personal wallet.

Each pool has minimum thresholds for sending BTC to personal wallets of clients, everything is recorded in the table:

Our Exclusive Mining Plan is a Classic Plan, then:

  • f2pool = 0.005 minimal threshold

  • BTC.com = 0.005 minimal threshold

  • ViaBTC = 0.001 minimal threshold (best choice)

In order to receive our BTC to my personal wallet more often, I prefer to choose the ViaBTC pool.

As you can see from the profitability analysis, we will get from 0.009 to 0.01 BTC during the operation of the Mining Plan. Thus, we will receive 9-10 transactions to our Personal wallet at 0.001 BTC if we choose the ViaBTC pool.

For example, 0.090014891 was mined, of which 0.09 you have already received, the pool' balance is 0.00014891.

When the Mining Plan finishes working, regardless of the amount of satoshi, it will be transferred to your personal wallet within 5-7 working days. It will simply be included in a large "pay many" transaction.

Choosing the number of prepaid electricity days

Experienced Bitdeer users will decide for themselves how much to prepay for electricity. but I ALWAYS prepay 100% of the days. If you do not pay for all the days of electricity at once, then you need to have a linked Matrixport wallet, from which USDT or BTC will be gradually debited during the contract.

Thus, I fix the conditions for concluding a deal for the entire period and do not depend on the BTC rate at the time of payment of electricity bills.

As a result, the best settings for our Mining Plan look like this:

BitDeer settings
Best Settings for the Mining Plan

How to pay Bitdeer's Mining Plan?

Bitdeer has no concept of account balance. You pay for each purchased plan separately, and payments go directly to the user to the Personal wallet: cold, stock, application in the phone.

Currently, the following contract payment options are available:

  • BTC

  • BCH

  • ETH

  • LTC

  • USDT (erc20)

  • USDT (omni)

  • USDC

  • T/T

At the same time, the conversion rate is absolutely honest, coincides with the weighted average.

Compare: Bitdeer and BitFuFu.

Internal BTC Rate (BitDeer vs BitFuFu)
Internal BTC Rate (BitDeer vs BitFuFu)

If, to pay for BitFuFu contracts, I have to use my Binance account, on Bitdeer, you can immediately transfer BTC to pay for the Mining Plan without unnecessary actions.

So, I choose the payment method - BTC.

After all, after 30 days I will receive more of them than I will pay now.
Bitcoin payment
It is time to transfer BTC

After you have created a transaction, you can click on the green PAID button.

An order will be created and you will be taken to another page. Now you need to wait for the confirmation of the Bitcoin Network.
BTC acceleration
Waiting for Blockchain confirmation

As soon as a sufficient number of payment confirmations (about 6-7) have passed, the Order status will change.

BitDeer promo code
Order Status Changes

Congratulations!! Your mining plan has started working.

You can watch its work online on the pool's third-party website by clicking on the button "data source: ViaBTC" in "My Hashrate" section:

ViaBTC BitDeer
ViaBTC link
ViaBTC mining
You can follow the mining on the website of the selected pool

50 USDT Discount Coupon

  • A $ 50 discount coupon will be credited to the account of ALL users who purchase this mining plan.

  • The coupon will be credited within 7 days after purchasing the Exclusive Mining Plan.

  • The coupon can be used to purchase any Mining Plan with a purchase amount of $ 500 or more.


Our entire journey in Cloud Mining consists of many profitable and unprofitable (sorry, but not in my case) deals. Today we made the right decision and invested $ 410 for 30 days with a yield of 14 to 17 percent.

Nothing can stop us from making a profit on this contact. Our decision will bring us some BTC and that's great.

If you are a longtime Bitdeer user - congratulations on another profitable contract in your career.

If you are new to Bitdeer - congratulations, you are on a platform where you are not afraid to invest your money and, using the example of the first Mining Plan, you will figure out how to use it!

Plus, all users who purchase this Mining Plan also get a $ 50 discount on their next purchase!

I really want 100 contracts to be sold as quickly as possible, because I was promised that if the results are good, the number of purchases will be expanded.

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