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BitFuFu Promo: September 2021: Free 10 TH/s for 2 days, Plan 50% off and $20 Coupon

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

The news has just come - on BitFuFu you can get a contract for 2 days of mining 10 TH/s for free. It's not that much, but it will allow you to see how the BitFuFu interface works without investing money.

In addition, unlike many other cloud mining services, BitFuFu does not have a minimum withdrawal threshold and fees if you transfer BTC to your Coinbase Wallet.

mining bitcoin for free
BitFuFu Free 10TH/s Contract for 2 days

In 2 days, you will receive approximately 0.00014000 BTC. Yes, this is not much, but you will see how the service works. Your personal account in the Antpool will become available to you, in which you can see how real Bitcoin mining works.

Only for newbies, who register from 1st September to 30th September 2021:

1. Get your 2-day Free 10 TH/s mining plan: https://www.bitfufu.com/detail/HFUND5UOQ1MTHZ6

2. 10T*15 days -50% off Mining Contract: https://www.bitfufu.com/detail/HFUNDRN7MCS35OH 3. First deposit gift: $20 coupon

4. from 1st to 10th September: S19pro Exclusive 60-days Hashrate Contract (30-200 TH/s) for DCTEB8 Invited Users: https://www.bitfufu.com/detail/HFUNDR9DQ6U7L6K

To get the Product Codes and Coupons you need to:

- Register your BitFuFu Account with DCTEB8 invitational code.

Cloudmininginfo.com Invite Code
Cloudmininginfo.com Invite Code

- join the BitFuFu's official Telegram Channel

- write a personal message to Telegram Admin @FuFuAdmin or email to support@bitfufu.com, you can just copy:

Hello, @FufuAdmin! 
I am Cloudmininginfo reader, have been registered by DCTEB8 code. Can you give me Bitfufu Newbie Start Bag?
https://www.bitfufu.com/detail/HFUND5UOQ1MTHZ6 product code
https://www.bitfufu.com/detail/HFUNDRN7MCS35OH product code
https://www.bitfufu.com/detail/HFUNDR9DQ6U7L6K product code
And first deposit coupons ;)
Thank you so much, have a nice day! 

Product Code will be sent to your Contact email or Telegram after account manager check your account's registration date.

As soon as you get all your product codes - feel free to use it. But just remember, when you enter the product code in the field - it is used. If you cannot complete your purchase, it will burn out. Enter the code only when you are ready to complete the purchase. If you nevertheless made a mistake and your code is written as "Invalid Product Code", you will have to write to an email support@bitfufu.com or a personal message to @fufuadmin in Telegram app.

>> BitFuFu registration link <<

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