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BitFuFu Secret 30-days Mining Plan #2

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

You will not be able to find it on the BitFuFu website, you can buy it only using the Secret Link. Let's see what kind of contract it is and how much profit it can bring us.

Secret contract specification

  • Can only be purchased: once

  • You can only buy: 10 TH/s

  • Duration: 30 days

  • Class: 50 J/T

  • Cost without electricity fee: $ 77.00

  • Cost including 10 days of electricity bills: $ 83.76

  • Cost including 30 days of electricity bills: $ 97.32

  • Current BTC rate on BitFuFu service: $ 55000

BitFuFu Secret Contract
20 April 2021, BitFuFu Secret Contract

Secret contract profitability

BitFuFu Secret Contract Profitability
BitFuFu Secret Contract Profitability

As we can see in just a month we will receive 16.17-19.5% profit. This is a great contract to date. You can compare it to the profitability of BitFuFu's public contracts today.

I have already bought it, which is what I wish for you.
My BitFuFu Contract
My BitFuFu Secret Contract

BitFuFu Secret 30-days Contract link: https://www.bitfufu.com/detail/NEW0000031858

To claim this contract your phone number must be verified.

Thanks for reading this article, I wish you a profitable investment!

PS. If you do not have an account in BitFuFu yet, register using this link, and then read the step-by-step instructions for Cobo Wallet. This will help you make deposits to BitFuFu and withdrawals from BitFuFu Cloud Mining Service instantly and without any fees.

Right now is Suspended. Wait for update.

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