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Cobo Wallet for BitFuFu Cloud Mining: Step by Step Instruction

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

In this article I will tell you how to buy BitFuFu contracts. Unfortunately, BitFuFu does not support balance deposit using Credit Cards, but they cooperate with the Сobo Wallet service, and thanks to this you will not have any deposit or withdrawal fees.

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When we want to make a purchase on the BitFuFu cloud mining service, we can only do it from the internal balance of BitFuFu. To do this, there are 4 types of wallets in our account:

Bitfufu deposit

When you go to the offer purchase page, you choose one of your Personal Wallets:

bitfufu order

If you add your BitFuFu Deposit Address as your Personal Wallet, then when you start receiving income, you will be able to get your mined BTC daily. If you choose Personal wallet which is not in Cobo-system, you will get some restrictions and threshold from f2pool, antpool and poolin mining pools. In addition, the withdrawal of the balance on the Сobo Wallet App is instant and does not require confirmation from the network.

Likewise, on deposit - Сobo Wallet App without fees will transfer money to your BitFuFu balance interface.

Step-by-step instruction

Сobo Wallet does not have a desktop version of the site - only applications for iOS and Android. Thus, you need to install the application on your mobile device.

1. Installing app

Go to the address сobo.com and select your operating system. You will be redirected to download the application in AppStore or GooglePlay.

cobo wallet

2. Registration

After installing the application, you will need to enter an email for registration and confirm it by entering the code sent to the email.

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3. Balance deposit

cobo wallet

You can choose BTC or USDT to top up your balance.

  • If you have BTC on your other wallet, just go to the BTC tab, copy your Cobo address and send the BTC to it from your other wallet.

  • If you have a USDT, do the same in the USDT tab.

  • If you have neither BTC nor USDT, I advise you to buy USDT or BTC on any crypto exchange.

4. BTC Deposit to Cobo Wallet

Copy your Сobo BTC address from the BTC tab. Make a transfer to it from your other wallet. Сobo will need 3 network confirmations in order to credit BTC to an account.

cobo wallet bitfufu

5. Transfer from Cobo Wallet to BitFuFu interface

As soon as you have received 3 network confirmations, you can send BTC to the internal BitFuFu address. To do this, copy your BitFuFu address for receiving BTC and click on the Send button in the Сobo Wallet.

Your BTC or USDT will be transferred to the BitFuFu service instantly and without fees.
cobo bitfufu

That is why you need to create a Сobo wallet to work with BitFuFu:

  • All transfers will be commission-free and instant.

  • You can send and receive even 1 satoshi - there is no minimum amount.

6. Pay your mining contract order

buy cloud mining
Now you can pay for your purchase from the internal balance of BitFuFu.

7. You will immediately receive a contract on your balance.

bitfufu mining


Using the Сobo Wallet frees you from commissions in the BitFuFu service and makes working with it much easier.

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Now, when you receive income, you can withdraw any number of BTC to your wallet without commissions!

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