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Full refund of all mining plans and the discontinuation of the ScryptCube service

Dear users! We would like to inform you that on 12.03.2021 all of the existing ScryptCube mining plans were stopped. On the 12th of March, a failure occurred on the substation serving our mining center, which resulted in part of the network operator’s equipment, as well as our network equipment, miner power supply units, ventilation controllers, and other systems going out of order. Unfortunately, an in-depth analysis revealed that restoring the service’s full-fledged work would take 30 to 90 days. Because we cannot guarantee that the service will work properly during this period, based on the Service Agreement we have decided to provide all users a full refund for all purchased Mining Plans. In the meantime, our specialists will continue to do everything they can to resume the service in the nearest future. Please stay tuned for updates. 1. How can I receive a refund?

  • Users that paid with a credit card will receive a full refund to the cards and accounts that the purchase was made from. No actions are required to be taken from the users’ side. Depending on the bank, receipt of funds to your account may take up to 30 working days.

  • Users that paid with cryptocurrency will receive a full refund according to a recalculation — the amount in USD on the invoice (the price of all purchased contracts) at the exchange rate at the moment when the service will be stopped. The funds will be credited to the users’ account and can be withdrawn in the usual way. These balances must be transferred within 60 days before 10.05.2021.

2. What will happen to the funds on my balance that were already mined? All BTC balances will be retained in the same amount that was reached by the time the service was stopped and will be available for withdrawal. 3. Do I have to return the funds that I have already transferred? No, you do not have to return the funds you have transferred before the service was stopped. All users will receive a full refund despite the withdrawals already performed. If you have encountered any difficulties or have any questions, you can always contact our tech support.


I am very glad that the situation was resolved that way. I commend ScryptCube for making the responsible decision to return money to their customers.

I am glad that ScryptCube is not another scam project and I will be happy to invest in them further when they resume mining.
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