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New Hashing24 Mining Plans: analysis, which to choose? January 2021.

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Last night, new mining plans appeared on the Hashing24 website in the Prices section!

In this article, we will consider which of the plans is the most profitable.

As a reminder, Hashing24 is the oldest reliable cloud mining service. The site has a platform on which you can trade parts of your contracts.

Let's take a look at the contracts that are currently being offered on the site.

hashing24 price

The price of contracts is dynamic and depends on the current price of bitcoin.

Let's look at the table and determine how much the contracts cost in terms of dollars.

hashing24 promo code

Obviously, there is no point in buying contracts for 24 months - they do not come out cheaper than 18 per 1 month of use. And in 18 months the mining difficulty may be so different from the current one that these additional 6 months will be very unprofitable.

So, 24-month plans are immediately dismissed. There is no reason to buy them.

Two plans remain for comparison - both are for 18 months, but one has daily maintenance fees and the other does not.

hashing24 review

But every day we will pay $ 0.03 for 1000 ghs and for 18 months we will pay a total of $ 16.44 in total. They will be debited daily in the bitcoin equivalent. Not much, but still the total cost of the contract will be higher.

So, if we compare these 4 plans, then our comparison and analysis won Plan # 2 - no maintenance and 18 months.

In the near future, we will receive the first data on the profitability of these contracts. Wait for news!

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