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Hashing24 mining contracts analysis: they are all unprofitable!

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Thanks to the release of a new calculator for analyzing the profitability of mining contracts, taking into account the periodic increase in difficulty, it is finally possible to estimate the level of profitability of Hashing24 contracts.

Hashing24 Mining Plans

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All the characteristics of the plans have already been entered into the initial data and we immediately get an analysis of profitability depending on the scenarios we have set for the growth of the Difficulty of the Bitcoin network.

Hashing24 18 month with Fees

hashing24 calculator

Very Very Optimistic scenario assumes no change in network difficulty. And even in this case, we will get negative returns.

Hashing24 18 month no fees

hashing24 trading room

In any case, we get negative returns, but in smaller amounts.

Hashing24 24 month with Fees

hashing24 code

And again, all scenarios are unprofitable.

Hashing24 24 month no fees

hashing24 review

Nothing has changed - everything is in the red.

Buy by payment in Bitcoin?

It should be noted that each plan can be bought for both dollars and bitcoin. When buying in dollars, you have already seen the profitability. But if you make a bitcoin transfer, you will need less money. For some reason, their internal rate is much higher - around 38,000 at the current rate of 31,000.

Let's calculate at least one plan to understand - maybe it will still be profitable?

hashing24 income

So, you only need $ 105.5 in Bitcoin, not $ 126.3 to buy 1 TH/s. But even this will not save you if the complexity even grows "optimistically".


We are very ashamed of the Hashing24 cloud mining service. It is one of the oldest, most legitimate and sustainable services out there.

But the fact that they are selling deliberately unprofitable contacts and cashing in on people's illiteracy is disgusting to me.

CloudMiningInfo.com info does not recommend Hashing24 contracts for purchase.

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