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Hashing24: Still unprofitable in March 2021

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Today I decided to re-calculate the profitability of contracts for the mining of the Hashing24 service. In the last review, I concluded that all contracts are very unprofitable and not worth buying. Let's see if anything has changed.

12-month contracts

hashing24 1 year contracts

Below I present calculations of future profit based on four scenarios for changing the difficulty of the Bitcoin mining network.

So, as we can see, contracts will only be profitable in a scenario of unchanging network difficulty. And in a scenario where we will have 2% growth for each period of difficulty, they will be barely profitable. In other scenarios, it is better to just buy bitcoin on the exchange at the current price.

Conclusion: I would not buy such contracts.

Other Hashing24 mining plans: 18, 24, 30 month

There is nothing to say - you can see everything for yourself.


Hashing24 cloud mining service remains unprofitable. They sell mining contracts in such a way that they remain profitable as the network becomes more complex.

That is, they do not even need to mine themselves - they can simply buy bitcoin with your money and keep it, but during the contract, your payout will be less than the value for which you bought the contract.

Cloud Mining Info do not recommend this mining plans for purchase

I hope you are reading this review before investing in a project like this. Please consider investing in legal, stable and world-famous projects like cloud mining service Bitdeer, which has a close relationship with BitMain, mining pools and cooperates with major hashrate providers around the world.

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