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I start investing in BitDeer. 150 day contracts are profitable.

Since there are not so many proven cloud mining services, and the entire Internet is crammed with scam projects, and the resumption of ScryptCube and BitFuFu work can be expected for a very long time, my investment choice fell on BitDeer. (reliability review)

I have been following BitDeer since February 2021, but I have not gone into deep analysis. Now I plan to publish a number of articles and will support the Daily Analysis in the section on the site, as well as in the Telegram group - "BitDeer Daily Analysis and Buy Signals".

After Bitcoin jumped up to the 38500 level (detailed analysis), I conducted my analysis of the profitability of BitDeer contracts and was pleasantly surprised. Now, at the price level of 40600 (daily analysis from July 28), I can definitely recommend contracts to buy.

I have added as many links as possible to this post to make it easier for you to view all the information from one article.

>>BitDeer Registration link<<

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