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Mid-Mining.com Review: Scam Service from coin-mining-farm.com

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

When the coin-mining-farm website closed, taking all the users' money with them, the creators even promised that they would come back with a new project.

Useful link: Coin-Mining-Farm Review

Useful link: Coin-Mining-Farm Scam Happened

The new scam project by Coin-mining-farm was not long in coming - meet Mid-mining,com!


mid mining scam
mid-mining.com registered after CMF scammed - 18 march 2021


The interface is like a drop of water similar to the CMF interface:

Coin Mining Farm Interface
Coin Mining Farm Interface
mid-mining interface
Mid-Mining Interface

Mid-Mining Offers

All offers of mining and hourly investments are all the same, nothing has changed.

Coin Mining Farm
Coin Mining Farm Offer

Mid-mining offer
Mid-mining Offer


Needless to say, you shouldn't invest in this fraudulent project? Do they take us for fools?

Although, there will be people who, even after they have lost money at CoinMiningFarm, will still invest again in Mid-mining.com.

UPDATE 2nd July, 2021:

Website is still offline. Mid-mining.com scammed customers for the Second Time.

I hope you are reading this review before investing in a project like this. Please consider investing in legal, stable and world-famous projects like cloud mining service Bitdeer, which has a close relationship with BitMain, mining pools and cooperates with major hashrate providers around the world.

In addition, registering for Bitdeer in December 2021 Promotion Programm you get:

  • Exclusive Cloud Mining plan for 60days of 50 TH/s, 200 TH/s or 500 TH/s cloud mining

  • Unlimited purchases for 1 account

  • The ability to monitor the operation of cloud mining on the 3d-party mining pool website of your choice (ViaBTC, BTC.com, f2pool)

  • Feeling the security of your investment, since Bitdeer is a highly trusted sharing service platform of digital asset mining machines, news publications about which can be found on such websites as: Bloomberg, Yahoo, Cointelegraph, Forbes, Nasdaq, CNN and even Bitcoin.com

Stay away from scam projects, I wish you a profitable investment and the right decisions!

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