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Passiveincome.farm Review: Scam project

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Looking through the advertisements that are issued on the request "cloud mining" I found a service with a funny service named "passiveincome.farm".

This name already smells like a scam. Who is it for? Housewives?

"I want to receive passive income! Oh, the site is passive income.farm! That's it!"

Is this what they hope?

About Us

PassiveincomeFarm is provided directly by PSFCH to provide the most competitive clouding mining service and crypto debit card (Q2 2021).
Because the world today has a great need to use Cloud, we are one of the CloudStorage® providers that have HDD space to serve many customers. And we allocated HDD space for POC (Proof of capacity) mining such as BitcoinHD, Filecoin, LitecoinHD DISK coin Burst MASS Storj We offer the best investment. By using the bitcoin of investors to purchase hardware and hard disk to MINING coin.

Can not understand anything. I tried to find on the Internet what "PSFCH" is, but I couldn't find any information. They are not selling hashpower, but HDD space. I don't really understand this, I usually deal with terahash and standard service offerings.


When I get to the registration tab I always look for a "service agreement" and it was there, but its content raises questions.

passiveincome farm review

And it's all. Nothing more. For comparison, you can familiarize yourself with the Scryptcube Service Agreement and understand how a agreement with a legitimate company should look like.

Free offer

As I always said before, a free offer is a sign of a scam. Nobody will ever give you earnings for free just for registration. And upon registration, a contract is already issued for free here, but it will be possible to use the withdrawal only if you buy at least one more of the same.

passiveincomefarm review

Profit promises

They promise to more than triple your money when invested. But if their service is so good, then why would anyone give such a golden cow for use?

passiveincome farm scam


Like most scam services, they only accept bitcoin or alcoins for payment. What can I say ... I don't trust such services. This means that the company is not registered anywhere.

passiveincomefarm scam


These points are enough for me to understand that I will invest money to no one knows who, no one knows why.

Placing a calculator giving 300% profit for a year is not enough for users to believe that their money will be returned and multiplied.

I recognize this service as a scam and advise you to abandon purchases on it - most likely you will lose your money.

I hope you are reading this review before investing in a project like this. Please consider investing in legal, stable and world-famous projects like cloud mining service Bitdeer, which has a close relationship with BitMain, mining pools and cooperates with major hashrate providers around the world.

In addition, registering for Bitdeer in December 2021 Promotion Programm you get:

  • Exclusive Cloud Mining plan for 60days of 50 TH/s, 200 TH/s or 500 TH/s cloud mining

  • Unlimited purchases for 1 account

  • The ability to monitor the operation of cloud mining on the 3d-party mining pool website of your choice (ViaBTC, BTC.com, f2pool)

  • Feeling the security of your investment, since Bitdeer is a highly trusted sharing service platform of digital asset mining machines, news publications about which can be found on such websites as: Bloomberg, Yahoo, Cointelegraph, Forbes, Nasdaq, CNN and even Bitcoin.com

Stay away from scam projects, I wish you a profitable investment and the right decisions!

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