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ScryptCube: 4-digit Security Code

Not all users understand where to get this code and face a problem when buying mining plans. Now I will tell you where to get this 4-digit Security Code.

Scryptcube Security Code

After you have entered your Credit Card details and a verification code from an SMS or push notification, you will be taken to a page with a Security Code.

This code passes the ScryptCube in the bank transaction data. You should pay attention to the transaction in your Bank application and find it at the end or at the beginning of the purchase name.

It looks like this:

Scryptcube security code
As we can see, 6153 is the verification code for my purchase. For yours, this code will be different.

I enter this code in the 4-character field:

Scryptcube security code

The system will automatically send you to the confirmation of purchase:

Scryptcube security code

It's all! You have successfully paid for your mining plan!

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