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ScryptCube: My opinion on future Ethereum mining contracts.

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Two days ago, I became interested in the news about the upcoming sale of Ethereum mining contracts. Although the topic is new to me and I only prefer Bitcoin mining contracts, for you I will figure out if they are worth the purchase.

Contract price

On the main page of the ScryptCube website, the price has already been announced - it will be $ 2.7 for 100 KH/s.

scryptcube ethereum

We will be able to analyze the exact data on profitability when we receive the first payment on such contracts. But! There is a much more important topic that can be discussed now.

The changing difficulty of Ethereum mining

I previously did not know how the difficulty of the network changes. So I found all the difficulty values since July 30, 2015 and did my calculations.

ethereum difficulty

Let me tell you where to look. Haha.

For me, the main indicator is the change in network difficulty over the last 30, 90, 180, 270 and 365 days.

That is, I analyze how the difficulty has changed in order to understand how it can change during the next year.

Unlike the difficulty of mining Bitcoin, which changes every 13-14 days, the difficulty of the Ethereum network changes EVERY day.

In 2020, it changed in total by 52,23%, and at the beginning of 2021 - by 35,94%. If we look at the changes over the past 30, 90 and 180 days, we see an increasing rate of increase in difficulty.

For comparison, in 2020 the difficulty of the Bitcoin network has changed by 34% (52.23% for Eth), and over the past 180 days - by 23% (90,71% for Eth)

All of these calculations suggest that the difficulty of the Ethereum network is growing at a much faster rate than the difficulty of the Bitcoin network.


In 2021, the growth rate of the difficulty of the Ethereum network is very high.

Changing the difficulty of the network every day will reduce your daily charges. To what extent - no one knows, since you need to take into account the level of network transaction fees. I can calculate this influence only after launching contracts and the first data.

But for now, I'm worried. Few investors are aware of the changing difficulty of mining networks but most may receive less money than they wanted.

Stay tunned.

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