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ScryptCube Review: "Scam or Legit". Great Investigation and Proof of Mining!

Since I started communicating with Scryptcube users on our instagram and twitter, I meet the same question:

Can I trust Scryptcube, isn't it a scam, isn't it a ponzi scheme?

Today we will understand what we know about this company.

Website Whois and Registration

On UK-goverment website we can see their Company Number, and Overview.

On the Filling History page, we see the latest official documents of the company.

This gives you confidence that the company exists, is registered and pays taxes.

Bank account

On the purchase page, we can buy a contract not only by making a BTC transfer (as happens in many scam projects), but also pay for the contract with a bank card.

The company conducts official trade in accordance with the legislative norms of its country.

Are they actually mining?

On their Instagram page, we can see posts from mining farms. The employees are wearing branded T-shirts.

But I need more proves of mining.

Blockchain transaction analysis

The Scryptcube cloud mining service has a telegram chat so any user can join it and ask questions. Also, some users share their screenshots of BTC withdrawal from the balance. I have collected several of these screenshots.

The most important thing here is to track which wallet the payments were made from and see information on it in the blockchain network.

By entering the ID of the first transaction, we find it in the blockchain.

The sums converge - from the wallet bc1qyvgcegsxmw5x2q86kv4fgtfml872562v49zjep, 0.00081741 BTC was transferred to the address 1RX7RRvQdJBaWRXJWekyiJETCzUMGgWdF and the change was returned to bc1qhs8q0c2c7zlfefh032xcmtnx5g42qud2nzw7uq

I made about 200-300 hops to addresses and realized that they make a payment from their address to the user's address and receive change to the new wallet address. Further, from this address, a payment is made to the next client and the wallet address is again created for change. And so for each transaction.

After jumping back through transactions a week ago, I settled on this one.

Let's take a transaction from another screenshot for a large amount of 0.09 bitcoin. And we find ourselves on another chain of transactions-withdrawals.


After a series of jumps in this chain of withdrawals, I found an atypical address:


In my opinion, it is this address that "begins" the chain of transactions for withdrawal, most often starting such a chain in 2 BTC. In our chain, it was 5 BTC. Money for it comes every week or two.

In every of this +2.0 BTC transaction comes from the same Address: bc1qtyx3zqfnc4w6fwda9lpvsxzl7pgqtlkc37v0lk

In each such transaction - the daily "revenue" for mining is about 0.3 BTC, which the Scryptcube receives from placing its hashpower on the f2pool.

This address most likely also belongs to ScryptCube and is entered as an address for withdrawing funds from f2pool.

It began receiving payments from October 5, 2020 and receives them to this day.

Now let's see who sends Scryptcube 2 bitcoins every week or two.

OMG!! 1GX28yLjVWux7ws4UQ9FB4MnLH4UKTPK2z

871 774 bitcoins totally revieved/sent! 4831 Transactions!

Now let's see who is sending so many bitcoins to address 1GX28yLjVWux7ws4UQ9FB4MnLH4UKTPK2z

OMG OMG OMG! 1KFHE7w8BhaENAswwryaoccDb6qcT6DbYY

But this address is definitely a f2pool address. I could find confirmation in this article.


UFFFFFF !!! How much work has been done! I'm shocked! I am very glad that I did it! I spent a huge amount of time to build a chain of relationships between Scryptcube and f2pool!

Now we see that ScryptCube really gets bitcoins from the f2pool, and we can't argue with that!

Thus, I can now conclude for sure - Scryptcube is not a scam, but a legit cloud mining service that has its own hashpower and mining in a f2pool.

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