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Shamining Review: Warning! Scam Project.

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

This is a very funny post. Be sure to read it. In it you will learn how to mine Bitcoin on the GPU in London with a 210% ROI. Noooot! :-))

As you might have understood, almost every day I am looking for sites that offer cloud mining services, analyze the offered tariffs and conditions for buying plans.

I found a site called www.shamining.com through Google ads.

Checked them on TrustPilot: Rating 4.8 with 112 reviews.

shamining trustpilot fake
Shamining Trustpilot rating

Let's take a look at what contracts are being offered to us, and then the fun begins.


shamining prices

Price per 1GH/s? Weird, but okay. Then it turns out that 1ТХс costs 12 dollars when buying the minimum contract. Generously.

What about maintenance? 0.0108 for 1GHS? Is it $ 10.8 per day for 1THs?

Something is not clear here, I don’t understand anything at all.

Let's click on the Buy button.

shamining bonus

So, the minimum purchase amount on the site is $ 150. A lot. At the same time, it is already immediately calculated how much we will receive in dollars daily, monthly and annually.

And then I noticed the second contract on the price page - GPU miners.

shamining gpu mining

GPU!!! BITCOIN!!! GPU!! G. P. U. !!!

Realizing that it was time to have fun, I contacted the support live chat.

shamining scam
Support talking

210% ROI on GPU! Wow!

But maintenance will be 0.063 USD per 1 TH/s. But... on the price list page... another fees... Ok, nevermind!

shamining fraud
Support talking

And here's the funniest part of the dialogue. Here I ask what kind of GPU they use to mine bitcoin.

It turns out that the 2080ti is a good card and can run on the sha256 algorithm. This is cool! Haha!

About Us.

shamining about
About Shamining

They claim that "shamining" appeared in 2019 and their head office is located in London. And well, what about "Our team" page?

shamining do not trust
Shamining "Team"

No Russians? Very strange, because if you go to the who.is website, you will find that the site was created in May 2020 and the russian provider reg.ru was the registrant.

shamining who is
Shamining Who.is 1
who is shamining
Shamining Who.is 2

This is not to mention the fact that they write that their data centers are located in Cape Town, London and San Jose. In my opinion, these cities are far from the best choice for the location of data centers.


Shamining.com is a scam project that has nothing to do with bitcoin cloud mining. They don't even know how to lie to you more convincingly, they make stupid mistakes in contract descriptions.

I will not comment on reviews and ratings on the Trustpilot. I have just become disillusioned with this site and will trust it much less.

Be careful, check the information and invest your money correctly!

UPDATED 29 March 2021

More than 2 months have passed since the review, and I am ready to additionally look at how Shamining is doing.

In my personal rating, I called CoinMiningFarm.com - the biggest scam project, but in the middle of March, as expected, the project was closed, and users lost their money.

For now, scam project # 1 is Shamining.

Prices 2 months later

Shamining Pricing 29 March
Shamining Pricing 29 March

Prices have not changed at all, nor have the "profitability indicators". Only now all references to maintenance fees have been removed:

Shamining Pricing January
Shamining Pricing January 2021

Do you think they removed the maintenance fee? Of course not! They just stopped notifying about it. You will not find any data on this until you buy the "contract".

Among the huge number of fake reviews on TrustPilot, you can find such real reviews:

You can read all the REAL reviews by yourself, just click this box on Trustpilot website:

Updated conclusion:

As before, Shamining is a fraudulent service. You will only lose the money you give them.

They get out of a low-income situation by raising their "maintenance fees" to enormous levels.

I hope you are reading this review before investing in a project like this. Please consider investing in legal, stable and world-famous projects like cloud mining service Bitdeer, which has a close relationship with BitMain, mining pools and cooperates with major hashrate providers around the world.

In addition, registering for Bitdeer in December 2021 Promotion Programm you get:

  • Exclusive Cloud Mining plan for 60days of 50 TH/s, 200 TH/s or 500 TH/s cloud mining

  • Unlimited purchases for 1 account

  • The ability to monitor the operation of cloud mining on the 3d-party mining pool website of your choice (ViaBTC, BTC.com, f2pool)

  • Feeling the security of your investment, since Bitdeer is a highly trusted sharing service platform of digital asset mining machines, news publications about which can be found on such websites as: Bloomberg, Yahoo, Cointelegraph, Forbes, Nasdaq, CNN and even Bitcoin.com

Stay away from scam projects, I wish you a profitable investment and the right decisions!

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