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Unlex-Mining Review: "Lifetime" Mining? Not.

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

One of my regular readers asked me:

Hello, friend, what do you think about Unlex-mining ?? Low prices and the contract is lifetime.

Today, in order to answer the question of my reader, I will review the Unlex-Mining service for you.


On the Trustpilot reviews site, the cloud mining service Unlex-Mining has a large number of reviews, and 94% of them are positive.

Unlex mining review

But, recently, I don't really trust the reviews on the Trustpilot website. Coin Mining Farm (Review, 7th Feb) also had a huge number of positive reviews, but on March 16, the website was closed and users lost their money. Of course, now their rating is decreasing, because users leave negative reviews and ask "where is their money?"


unlex mining whois

Domain data is also normal. The site was registered almost a year ago, but all information about the owners is hidden.

Service agreement and company registration

On the website you can find the Service Agreement. It is quite common, but the very fact of its existence is undoubtedly reassuring.

On the other hand, they indicate their registered address in London:

unlex mining reristration

But there is no data on such a company on the website of state registrations:

unlex mining no register
I find this suspicious enough.

I have not found any information about their partnerships with mining giants or pools on the internet. For example, why I am confident in the BitFuFu service - they constantly receive news about them in various media and they participate in BitMain summits. Nothing of the kind can be said about Unlex-Mining.


unlex mining interface

After registration, if you go to the "Promotions" tab, you will find a button where you will receive cloud mining power of 100 MH/s of Ethash, 100 MH/s of Scrypt, and 100 KH/s of CryptoNight algorithms for free.

But don't be too happy, because it will bring you about 10 cents a day, so you will never save up for a minimum withdrawal if you do not buy their contracts.

I haven't found any mention of contract expiration dates anywhere, and they seem to be lifelong. But is it really that good? Let's figure it out.

BTC Mining Offer

When we decide to buy a Unlex Mining contract for the mining of BTC, we see a price of $ 41.28 per 1 TH/s and a calculator of our future accruals.

unlex buy
22 March Pricing and Revenue

They warn that the level of charges depends on the difficulty of the network and may change, just as the price of the contract depends on the course of the BTC. This is fair enough.

But I am confused by the amount of daily charges for 1 TH/s. It is set up to 410 satoshi, which is quite small compared to f2pool, Antpool and Poolin: at the time of this writing, the charges in the BitFuFU cloud mining service were about 596 satoshi per 1 TH/s, even with 2.5% pool fee.

unlex btc offer

This is why the charges are low - their electricity bills are $ 0.09 per kWh and power consumption is 39.5 kWatt per 1 TH/s. Thus, the total service fee for a contract of 1 TH/s will be $ 0.0853.

This is a very large value, twice as much as BitFuFu contracts ($ 0.0418) and three times as Hashing24 contracts ($ 0.03)

If we enter their data into the f2pool calculator, we get a value of 0.24 dollars per 1 TH/s, which is equal to their calculations.

f2pool unlex mining

We can conclude that I understood how charges are calculated in Unlex mining. Now let's calculate the profitability of the contracts.

Lifetime contracts - is it that good?

As far as you can understand, mining contracts in Unlex mining have no deadlines. But at the same time, this is not mentioned anywhere when buying a contract.

Can they change that at any time? Yes, following the example of Hashflare, they can.

To fit my calculations with the Unlex-Mining site, I will take the value of the last payments of f2pool and calculate such the fee level, so that as a result I get 0.00000410 BTC

But let's hope for the best and think that the terms of purchase are lifetime and will not change. Then:

We buy: 1 TH/s
for the price: $ 41.28
With daily fee: $ 0.1073
unlex mining profitability
Thus, the values for the Very Very Optimistic scenario coincided with the calculator on the Unlex-Mining website: 0.001496 BTC for 365 days.

Let's take a look at what happens in the 365-day contract calculator.

unlex mining unprofitable

As you can see, by May 2022, with a periodic increase in network difficulty of 4% (Pessimistic scenario), our revenues will be less than the deduction for electricity and hashpower maintenance and till this moment we will get only 0.00066 BTC, instead of 0.00071 BTC.

For a 3% growth in network difficulty (Realistic Scenario), we will reach this point in July 2022 with an accumulation of 0.00086 BTC.

For network difficulty growth of 2% (Optimistic scenario), we will reach this point in October 2022 with an accumulation of 0.00115 BTC.

After reaching this point, our mining will bring a loss - service fees will be Higher than mining income.

Then what is the benefit of "lifetime" contracts, if after 1.5 years the maintenance costs will be higher than the income? I don't know.


Basically, I liked the Unlex mining interface. They also have a Service Agreement, but lie about registration as a company in London.

But what they call "lifetime" hashpower - still has a lifespan of about 1.5 years, and then your expenses will become higher than your income.

I have no doubt that they will pay their users, I have not found a single mention of them delaying withdrawals or cheating anyone.

But personally, I would not like to invest my money for 1.5 years in order to get 20% profit in the Realistic scenario.

I'd rather wait for the right moment and buy a 90-day contract for mining in BitFuFu with a yield of 10%, and I will do so every 90 days, thereby receiving a high annual income. How I do it, I wrote in this article.

Considering that the company lied about its registration in London, as well as the fact that it is impossible to easily calculate the level of profitability and predict the amount of future charges, and buyers may find themselves in a situation where their expenses exceed income, I decide to attribute Unlex-Mining service rather to the category of Scam services.

Thanks for attention! I wish you to make the right decisions and a profitable investment!

Update: 26 March (4 days after)

I decided to go to the Unlex-Mining website again to look at the current level of profitability and the price for 1 TH/s:

unlex mining scam
26 March Pricing and Revenue

As we can see, the price of the contracts remained the same - $ 41.28 per 1 TH/s. But at the same time, the daily profit is 449 Satoshi! WHY??

Let me remind you that when I wrote the article on March 22, the profitability was 410 satoshi for 1 TH/s. And now it has grown by almost 10%!

Now I am 100% sure that Unlex Mining does not conduct real mining. Nothing could happen that could increase their income for 1 TH/s in 4 days by 10%.

For comparison, here are the f2pool payments for the last days. Note that they differ minimally from each other.

22 March: 0.00000596
23 March: 0.00000611
24 March: 0.00000606
25 March: 0.00000609
26 March: 0.00000610
How does Unlex-Mining increased its profitability by 10%?

Update: 05 April, 2021

On April 2, a change in the difficulty of the bitcoin network took place and the yield fell by an average of 5.82% for each TH/s of hashpower.

But in the wonderful service "Unlex Mining", changes in the difficulty of the bitcoin network are not at all a problem, their profitability is only growing.

unlex mining scam
05 April Pricing and Revenue

The price for 1 TH/s has not fallen or increased, it also amounts to $ 41.28, but now we are promised a daily yield of about 500 Satoshi per 1 TH/s.

Let me remind you that on March 22 it was 410 satoshi, and on March 26 - 449 satoshi for each TH/s of power.

It turns out that despite the fact that the difficulty of the network is growing, which should reduce daily charges, electricity consumption and payment for it remain unchanged, but incomes at Unlex Mining have grown.

Some people ask me - why am I tied to payments in f2pool or other large mining pools, because cryptocurrency mining can be done independently and have a different profitability than pools.

No, no cloud mining service can do that. All the same, in order to offer cloud mining to users, you need to standardize payments, and for this, only mining in a pool is suitable - after all, payments there are regular, depending on the hashpower placed in the pool.

What happens if the cloud mining service does not mine in the pool, but does the mining on its own? Let's look at Unlex-Mining as an example.

They say that their hashpower is now 1561301 TH/s (you cannot get confirmation of this) , while the total hash rate on the network is 165440000 TH/s (confirmed by https://btc.com/stats/diff). Thus, Unlex-Mining claims to have 0.94% of the total global hash rate.

You can see the distribution of the global hash rate on the page BTC.com

Even such pools as SpiderPool, ArkPool, WAYI.cn with a hashrate less than 0.94% are indicated in the table, but you will not find Unlex-Mining there.

Let's trust Unlex Mining that they have such an aggregate amount of hashpower. Let's round up 0.94% to 1%, and then with an average daily Bitcoin mining of 900 (block reward) and 100 (commission reward), Unlex Mining would receive 10 Bitcoins daily on average. But only now there would be a situation of dispersion - on some days they would not receive income at all, on some days they could receive more than average income, and so on. And this would not work when the user has to charge their BTC daily.

But they charge BTC not even daily, but every hour. It is clear that this cannot be true and does not look like real mining. By charging BTC users every hour, they become like scam services, where BTC is generally charged every second in real time.

305 TH/s Charges, 04 April

It is about 487 sat per 1 TH/s daily. As I calculated earlier, the total service fee for a contract of 1 TH/s will be $ 0.0853. At a BTC price of 57,000, such a service would cost 150 satoshi per 1 TH/s per day. Then the total profitability for 1 TH/s before deducting electrical charges would be 637 Sat/day.

Last day mining pools charges per 1 TH/s:

5 April, 2021
0.00000569 (f2Pool, 2.5% fee)
0.00000559 (Antpool, 4% fee)
0.00000569 (Poolin, 2.5% fee)

Even without pools' fees their profitability is not real.

People who trust Unlex Mining can argue with me as much as they want, proving that they made the right decision by investing money in such a Cloud Mining Service. I am sure that losing money is only a matter of time.

Now I am definitely confident in my verdict - Scam.

I hope you are reading this review before investing in a project like this. Please consider investing in legal, stable and world-famous projects like cloud mining service Bitdeer, which has a close relationship with BitMain, mining pools and cooperates with major hashrate providers around the world.

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