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XMiner & MinerPlus Review: Scam Services

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

One of my regular readers from Turkey asked me to write a review about the MinerPlus service. While I was looking for information about this service, I realized that the XMiner service also applies to MinerPlus. Most likely they belong to the same people. Today I will tell you about what kind of companies they really are.

Supposed cloud mining services XMiner & Miner Plus have both embarked on an aggressive advertising campaign in the last two weeks and have been featured in dozens of promotional crypto media stories. Investigations by Brave New Coin, however, reveal that both are probably scams - likely run by the same team.

Over the course of a week in March people claiming to be from XMiner and Miner Plus both approached Brave New Coin asking to run a sponsored article about their cloud mining services. Their approach didn’t feel right, so BNW did some digging. Here’s what they found out.

Their locations don't exist

  • Miner Plus claims its physical address is 1809 Hall Street Las Vegas, Nevada 89101. There is no such address.

  • XMiner claims its physical address is 217 Summit Boulevard Birmingham, AL 35243. This address is real and is currently occupied by a Trader Joe's supermarket.

xminer address
XMiner address is actually a Trader Joe's supermarket.

Years in business

  • MinerPlus claims it has been operating “for over five years”. Who.is shows the site is 2 month old.

minerplus whois
MinerPlus Who.is
  • XMiner claims it has been operating since 2016. Data from who.is shows the site was registered only in January 2021.

xminer scam
Xminer Who.is

Number of satisfied customers

XMiner claims over 600,000 users. Miner Plus claims "Over 1200,000 Users" (whatever that means). In my experience, this level of customer aquisition in under a month is not realistic.

Their staff don't exist

The Miner Plus management team on the ‘About Us’ page are all fake.

minerplus scam
MinerPlus "Team"

Director of Investments Mike Katz, for example, is actually “Cool Business Man In Black Suit” from the Storyblocks.com photo library.

minerplus fake
Mike Katz is actually "Cool Business Man" from a stock image library

Website backlinks

Miner Plus and XMiner have few, if any, naturally occuring backlinks to their their websites. Instead, data from AHREFs shows that both websites went from zero backlinks to hundreds over the course of a week in early February. All appeared to be paid for.

MinerPlus Scam
Miner Plus backlink profile from zero to hundreds in a few days.
xminer scam
XMiner backlinks profile shows almost identical rapid growth.

Identical website construction

Although Miner Plus and XMiner claim to be separate organizations based on opposite sides of the US, their websites are both built using the same template - "CryptoCoin - Bitcoin Crypto Currency Wallet and Mining Template" - available from Theme Forest for $15.

xminer minerplus scam
Templates only for 15 USD

What mining contracts do they offer?

It doesn't matter, I won't even count anything.


If you have already invested in these services, my condolences. You will most likely never see your money.

As you can see, creating a cloud mining website is not that difficult - fake addresses, a $ 15 template, and technical setup for accepting payments from users.

There will be more and more such websites, because as long as there are fools, there will be scammers who want to get their money.

If you have not yet invested in these services, I am glad for you.

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