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Dear Investors! The BitFuFu Wet Season Celebration Begins!

From April to September every year, Southwest China will enter the wet season, resulting in cost-effective electricity resources.

With our incredible mine and miner resources, BitFuFu has secured a $ 0.038/kWh electricity fee for you.


In addition to great contract prices, BitFuFu gives all users the chance to get tons of gifts and discounts!

As soon as the BitFuFu Instagram reaches 250 subscribers and this post gets 100 likes, we will give away the following gifts among subscribers who fulfill the conditions of the drawing:

  • 10 participants will receive a plan for 5 days of mining with a 40% discount

  • 5 lucky ones will receive a plan for 10 days of mining with a 30% discount

  • 2 gift for 30 days of mining with a 10% discount

  • 1 super prize: 60 days of mining with a 100% discount

To take part in the drawing, you must fulfill the following conditions and make screenshots:

  • You need to have 200+ followers on your Instagram profile

  • Follow @bitfufu on Instagram

  • Like, then Share/Repost Wet Season Post to your stories and tag @bitfufu on Instagram

  • Tag 3 of your friends in one comment under Instagram Post

  • Follow our telegram channel t.me/bitfufu

Draw Application
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Application Sent! Thanks!

The drawing will begin when this post has 100 likes and the number of BitFuFu followers on Instagram will be 250.


We will be glad to see your activity on our Instagram! There are many interesting promotions ahead!